What to swap your pantry and fridge out? Here at Bubble, we have your classic staples made with clean ingredients. 

Gold Nugget Ghee Turmeric Lion’s Mane — Butter
Bye, bye butter. This is for all the lactose-intolerants out there. Ghee is like butter but without the lactose, making it completely dairy free. We also suggest trying out the Turmeric Lion's Mane Ghee. It's fiery mixture of turmeric + ginger is spicing up our daily routine. Our morning scramble eggs will never be the same ever again. I still can’t believe it’s not butter!





Sweet Apricity Vanilla Marshmallow — Kraft Jeff Puffed Marshmallow
Winter is coming. . . and we’re ready to help you stock up on some cozy favorites. We stock one of our favorite hot chocolates, Sip Sutra Cacao at Bubble and we finally found it’s one true pair. Now, at Bubble we’ve found paleo marshmallows! Seemingly unheard of, but it’s not your average joe puff.


Freaky Health Immunity – Hershey Milk Bar
We’ve all had those days where we just crave some chocolate. It’s either a bad day at work, bad day at home, or just a bad day in general. Freaky Health delivers that temptation without the guilt. Superfoods like Reishi and Ashwagandha help with the body’s natural defense system. It's guilt-free delicious with superpowers of beauty, immunity, and energy.


Positive Beverage Mandarin Orange — Sunkist
Packed with vitamin C like an orange and potassium like a banana, this sparkling beverage is 100% real. It’s the perfect wake me up or pick me up for your day. It packs a tingy punch without the artificial taste of orange made from a lab.



True Made Veracha  — Sriracha
We love a good hot sauce at Bubble HQ. Most hot sauces contains cane sugar, which is still processed sugar. True Made Veracha upgraded the Asian classic with clean ingredients like tomato, spinach, carrots, and jalapenos (no cane sugar!) We at Bubble can take the heat. Can you?







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