Hangover Swaps To Avoid New Years Day Sicko Mode 🤢

Hangover Swaps To Avoid New Years Day Sicko Mode 🤢

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Never reach Sicko Mode on New Year’s Eve and bounce back the morning of New Year’s day. These healthy swaps will have you greeting 2019 in a refreshed state even after a long night of celebrations. 🍾
Here’s what we’re taking and munching on to prevent the dreaded hangover:

  • Clear booze > Dark booze
  • A study from Brown and Boston University, found that darker spirits are more likely to produce hangovers than its lighter counterparts. The study found that bourbon drinkers had hangovers that were 36% worst than vodka. So as best as you can, steer clear of dark booze and opt for light-colored spirits instead.

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    Hydrogen Infused Water > Basic Water Bottle

    If you’ve been drinking and notice that you’re making more trips to the bathroom than the norm, that’s because alcohol acts as a diuretic which means it’s dehydrating. Which is also why you often feel thirsty in the morning, so keep water next to your bedside for the morning after or go the extra mile and be bougie with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich Hydrogen Infused water.

  • Recover Herbal Tea > Pedialyte
  • Pedialyte recently became a hangover cure popularized by millennial college students prone to heavy drinking, but due to its various flavors the drink contains artificial colors, flavorings, and sugars.

    Hangover Tincture

  • Hangover Tonic > Ibuprofen
  • While there’s not one magic pill to cure a hangover, a tincture may just do the trick in a more natural way. Do away with the side effects of over the counter pills, and stick to natural alternatives. Just a few drops of this extract and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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  • Turmeric Fried Eggs > Greasy Foods
  • Skip the super greasy fare! While burgers and pizza may sound tempting after a night of downing too many shots, healthy fats will help you bounce back faster and the addition of anti-inflammatory superfood, turmeric is a major bonus.

  • Probiotic Blend Coffee > Starbucks
  • Skip the syrup-laden coffee and make your own homemade version with an extra boost of probiotics to get your gut back to normal and feeling good the morning after. 

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