5 Things To Do At The New Equinox Hotel

5 Things To Do At The New Equinox Hotel

Equinox Hotel

Photo: Equinox 

It's undeniable that Equinox Fitness is one of the top names in the luxury fitness-sphere. And as of July 15th, the brand added hotel to their list of New York outposts. Located in New York’s up and coming Hudson Yards, Equinox Hotel's 15 floors encompass a world that takes the meaning of fitness and health to another level. 

Here are the 5 best things you need to do at the Equinox Hotel:

1. Go for a swim in the middle of Manhattan

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D while swimming the outdoor pool and hanging out on the sun deck with an insane view of the Vessel or if you prefer something indoors, get your laps in at the indoor salt water pool.

2. Work out, duh!

Photo: Equinox 

The hotel houses the largest Equinox club space to date, ringing in at 60,000 square-foot with pilates, barre, and yoga offerings as well as the Vessel Run, which is a cardio workout where Equinox instructors lead runners through the stairs of the new landmark, the Vessel.

3. Recover with tailored spa offerings

Photo: Equinox 

Regenerate in the best way possible! Equinox covers a bunch of different offerings from cryotheraphy, infrared sauna, salt water and plunge pools, oxygenating facials, and don’t forget to secure an E.scape Pod that’s made for optimized downtime and an insane view of the city.

4. Eat hyper-seasonal fare at Electric Lemon

We can’t forget the food – from room service to featured restaurant, Electric Lemon serving up a Mid Atlantic cuisine made with naturally sourced and clean ingredients. Totally BUBBLE approved. The only thing missing is a clean label, BUBBLE snack bar filled with healthy travel-friendly snacks!

5. Rest and rejuvenate in spaces optimized to be dark, quiet, and cool

The rooms aren’t gimmicky with treadmills or pull up bars built in, Equinox makes it a point that the rooms exist for regeneration. Each room features sound proof walls, a king sized bed with “temperature-regulating natural fibers” and layers that fit to your unique shape. If you're having trouble with sleep, Equinox even offers sleep coaches!


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