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Your Local Bodega is Getting a Much-Needed Upgrade
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Your Local Bodega is Getting a Much-Needed Upgrade

Via Selfridges Your neighborhood bodega is no longer a place merely for late-night Hot Cheeto runs. With more local stores...

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    A$AP Rocky at Bodega

      Via Selfridges

      Your neighborhood bodega is no longer a place merely for late-night Hot Cheeto runs. With more local stores wanting in on the growing market of health-conscious consumers, we’re seeing trending health food products like seaweed snacks and CBD lining the shelves of our local bodega cat hangout. Below is a list of our favorite one-stop shops from around the country, offering some of the healthiest fare along with the convenience of your local corner store. 

      1. The Goods Mart - NY and LA
      The Goodsmart
      (Photo via @thegoodsmart)
      The newest kid on the NY block is here and their offering a curated collection of all around, good for you goodies. Similar to a bodega, you can run to the store when you’ve run out of your favorite nut milk or just craving a slushie sans artificial preservatives and dyes.
      2. Bonberi - New York, NY
      Photo via @bonberi
      Deemed the vegan bodega by every major food and fashion publication, Bonberi is a vegan paradise carrying everything from vegan baked goods to aluminum-free rose deodorant. It’s a must stop when you’re visiting New York City. 

      3. Hank's Mini Market - LA's Hyde Park
      Hank's Mini Market
      Photo via @hanksminimarket
      A diamond in the rough food dessert of LA’s Hyde Park, one of our favorite fast-casual salad shops, Sweetgreen, lent a hand to help transform this neighborhood mainstay into a healthy food paradise.

      4. Birite Market - San Francisco, CA
      Photo via @alyxshoots
      Craving a late-night snack? If you happen to be living in San Fran you’re in luck. Birite stocks their fridge with pints full of some of the best vegan ice cream that they make from scratch. We’re picking up Vegan Chocolate Coconut and Black Sesame with Sonoma Honey.

      5. Essene Market and Cafe - Philadelphia, PA
      Photo via Instagram
      Essene opened on South Street 40 years ago and this market has been a mainstay ever since, serving Philly with organic, healthy, and macrobiotic foods. They’ve also got the a pretty impressive vegan hot food bar selection. 

      6. Willowtree Market - Seattle,  WA
      Photo via Willowtree
      Forget that artificially flavored, unnaturally colored slushie, we’ll take Willowtree Market’s Kombucha on tap any day.

      7. Fresh Truck - Boston, MA
      Fresh Truck
      Photo via Boston Magazine
      What’s cooler than a health food corner store? A health food shop on wheels that’s bringing access to affordable, healthy food to those who need it most.

      8. Alberta Co-op - Portland, Oregon
      Alberta Coop
      Photo via @alberta_coop
      This is Portland at its finest, organic food inside a wholesome, community owned, one-stop shop.

      9. Sweetgreen’s The Tavern - Washington, DC
      Sweetgreen's Tavern
      Photo via @sweetgreen
      Sweetgreen does it once again, turning their first store near Georgetown University into a one-stop shop for healthy snacks, produce, and fro-yo. 

      10. WeMRKT - New York, NY
      Photo via WeWork
      Co-working space behemoth, WeWork is celebrating the success of their WeWork members by featuring their products inside their very own market where the entire WeWork community can support and purchase goodies.


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