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Unwrapped: Sky High Farm's Plant Rich Winter Squash Salt
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Unwrapped: Sky High Farm's Plant Rich Winter Squash Salt

Winter might be in its last couple of days but Sky High Farm's Winter Squash Salt that just launched here...

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    Winter might be in its last couple of days but Sky High Farm's Winter Squash Salt that just launched here on BUBBLE, with ingredients harvested at the peak of winter, will be ending up on all of your go-to dishes for seasons to come. Sky High Farm enlisted BUBBLE to help them launch a product that forwards their mission of providing for hundreds and thousands of underserved communities in the New York area. Below is a bit of the behind the scenes on the R&D process behind Sky High Farm's first product. 


    Dan Colen


    Located in the Hudson Valley where Dan Colen's 40 acre, Sky High Farm conducts R&D and produces their winter squash salt blend. Fun Fact: the farm also doubles as Dan's upstate studio.



    Sky High Farm decided to launch winter squash salt product that utilizes dehydrated vegetables to showcase a less common way vegetables can be used.   


    In order to showcase and highlight the food education around the process of dehydration, R&D was done with winter vegetables from the farm. Dehydration preserves the natural tastes and sugars of the vegetables. Pictured here is dehydrated squash and sweet potatoes from the R&D process.


    This is Ben, Sky High's residential chef, busy blitzing the dehydrated vegetables into powders during the R&D process. 


    After dehydrating, testing different types of vegetable powders to determine which vegetables created the best combination was done. From garlic to acorn squash, the possibilities seemed endless. Pictured here are the 3 phases the vegetables took before being blended with salt.


    Partnering with an East Coast salt farmer was crucial in order to align with Sky High Farm's mission to improve local food systems. Salt harvested from Maine from a husband and wife farmer duo was selected. 


    3 different blends were formulated as the final round, and a final cut through a taste test with farmers of Sky High and artists of Dan Colen's studio was made. Pictured here is Sky High Farm's Dan Colen, Ben Lev and BUBBLE's founder Jessica Young.


    The final product! A plant-rich salt made of Maine Sea Salt, with dehydrated Waldo Butternut Squash, Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes, and Honey Bear Acorn Squash that enhances everything from a basic avocado toast to hearty proteins. Beyond its versatility, this product contributes to the greater good and mission of Sky High Farm to address food security and nutrition in underserved communities. 



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