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Meet the Maker: Seed + Mill
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Meet the Maker: Seed + Mill

Let's get into it: Who: Rachel Simons, CEO and Co-founder of Seed + MillWhere: Chelsea Market (Left: Janinka van Bennekom, Director, Digital Marketing &...

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    Let's get into it:

    Who: Rachel Simons, CEO and Co-founder of Seed + Mill
    Where: Chelsea Market

    (Left: Janinka van Bennekom, Director, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Right: Rachel Simons CEO and Co-founder)

    How did you know you wanted to work in food? Why did you start Seed + Mill?

    Seed + Mill was started in January 2016 by three women, Lisa Mendelson, Monica Molenaar and me! 
    It was something of a wonderful surprise to be able to start a food business here in Manhattan. Five years ago I was sitting at my desk in Sydney, Australia, where I was working as a lawyer. Back then, there was no way I could have even imagined moving to New York (with my two kids and husband) and starting a tahini business in Chelsea Market! But, yet, here I am - fulfilling my dreams of becoming a food entrepreneur! Eating, cooking, baking and feeding others makes me so happy and despite the relentless long hours and stress of running my own business, I still pinch myself that I get to work in this industry alongside so many culinary heroes!


    Why should people be eating tahini? What are some of the benefits?
    Great question! Tahini ticks all the boxes! It is delicious, versatile and incredibly nutritious. I love the way tahini is a plant-based product, but creates the same creamy, rich texture to sauces and dips which was usually connected with dairy or egg based ingredients. The sesame seeds in tahini are a great source of calcium, protein, iron, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals. As Bobbi Brown once said, tahini is like moisturizer for your insides!


    All time favorite recipe (if any) to make with your product?

    Uggghhh! I have too many but, if I had to pick just one, I think our Tahini Miso Vegan Ranch Sauce is life changing! Recipe is here!

    (Photo Credit: Seed + Mill)

    Where do you see the future of food / health and wellness heading towards?

    For me, it’s all about balance. Luckily, eating salad, fruit, vegetables is something I enjoy and doesn’t feel restrictive at all. But, I am an 80/20 person when it comes to ‘living a little’ and indulging in treats. I haven’t completely eliminated anything from my diet, but I think we are all becoming far more aware of the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based, low sugar, clean diet. I spend a lot of time trying to help my two kids understand that their diet affects their mental and physical health, as well as the wellbeing of the planet!  Being mindful and conscious of our eating choices is very important – but, I think it is more realistic to help the majority of eaters and consumers to reduce rather than eliminate certain food groups.


    If you could be doing anything else what would it be? 

    If I had the opportunity to do something completely different, I wish I had the skills to be a ceramicist! I love beautiful pottery and ceramics and wish I could fill my home with homemade bowls, plates, mugs etc Imagine all the beautiful food I could serve on my own plates!!

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