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Huntsville, AL

The Smoky Infuser - Spicy Pepper Mocktail & Cocktail Mixer

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Chipotle Morita Pepper, Aji Rocoto Pepper

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Are you a spicy cocktail lover? Have you ever spent half the night muddling peppers to make spicy margaritas for you and your friends?

We set out to find an easier, quicker, tastier, and more fun way to spice up your drinks. Our infusers let you infuse any drink—from cocktails and mocktails to a simple glass of juice.


Great for adding a spicy element to margaritas, bloody marys, bourbon, and fruit juices.


Each pouch contains 10 triangular sachets

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Huntsville, AL

We have had an interest in exploring the diverse breeds of plants ever since learning about the near extinction of the Gros Michel banana due to monocultures,. After a few years of growing (and cooking with) a variety of unique peppers in our home garden, the inspiration for CAPSCO was born.

We started CAPSCO with a new take on dried pepper flakes and have since expanded into Spicy Cocktail Infusers--a first of its kind product that gives people an easier and more versatile way to spice up beverages. We hope you'll spice things up with us as we explore the world of chili peppers.