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Foods Alive

Angola, IN

Savory Flax Cracker Variety pack - Organic (4-Pack)

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Original Snack Crackers-Gold flax seed*, Bragg liquid aminos (A non-GMO, wheat-free soy sauce), lemon juice concentrate*.
Mexican Harvest Snack Crackers-Gold flax seed*, tomato powder*, minced onion*, spice blend* (cumin powder*, granulated garlic*, chili powder*, coriander powder*, cayenne pepper*), Himalayan pink salt, parsley*, cilantro*.
Italian Zest Snack Crackers-Gold flax seed*, tomato powder*, minced onion*, herb blend* (basil*, parsley*, marjoram*, oregano*, rosemary*, thyme*, sage*), Himalayan pink salt, granulated garlic*. Coconut Curry Snack Crackers- Seed blend* (gold flax*, sunflower*, chia*, sesame*), shredded coconut*, coconut sugar*, almonds*, curry powder*, onion powder*, Himalayan pink salt, granulated garlic*, freeze-dried Reishi mushroom*.
*Organic Ingredient

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  • Original Snack Crackers are plain and simple, yet so light and tasty! Get creative with this one and let your taste buds enjoy the simple yet satisfying taste of our Original Snack Cracker.
  • Mexican Harvest Snack Crackers are seasoned with savory flavors of garlic, onion, and tomato and mixed with just the right blend of Mexican spices.
  • Coconut Curry Snack Crackers are a mix of nutrient-rich almonds, flax and sunflower seeds, and reishi mushrooms blended with aromatic curry powder.
  • Italian Zest Snack Crackers are made with a special blend of Italian herbs that compliments the great taste of garlic, onion, and tomato.

These savory crackers deliver taste with a purpose! With superior taste, texture, and clean plant-based organic ingredients, everyone will love our vegan crackers. Since these power and snack crackers contain fiber and protein, they are the perfect snack to give your body the power it's looking for. Besides just being an overall healthy treat, these are ideal for anyone, including athletes of all levels that want to build and maintain muscle, but don't want to compromise dietary beliefs or practices. In other words, these are suitable for those seeking plant-based alternatives to casein, whey, egg, meat, and poultry. It delivers all of the essential amino acids to meet human health standards of consumption, as well as vital branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which are important for continued muscle growth and recovery between workouts or adventures on the hiking trail.

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Pack includes 4, 4oz bags

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Foods Alive

Angola, IN

Foods Alive is a family-company, crafting healthy foods since 1999. Just like you, we strive for the optimal health and well-being of our loved ones, which is why you will find only the highest-quality ingredients in the foods we make. We encourage the intake of omega EFAs through our sprouted crisps, omega oils, and artisan salad dressings. Our cold-pressed oils are loaded with omegas and can be added to foods or taken on their own. We also have an extensive line of superfoods. From our family to yours, may you have health, wealth, and happiness.