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Red Oolong Tea
Red Oolong Tea


Red Oolong Tea

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Love coffee or black tea? Try this 30% roasted red oolong (紅) that was roasted for about 20 hours. It's got bite to it- with a stronger flavor that's perfect for waking up and going to work and tastes like dried apricots, toasted wheat and raw honey. This tea is caffeinated.

Product Highlights:

  • Roast: 30%, roasted slowly over 20 hours
  • Oxidation : 10+%
  • Elevation : 1400 meters

Includes one 1.7oz bag

Tasting Notes: Dried apricot, Toasted wheat, Raw honey

Recommended Steep: Steep 5g / 205 degrees / 45 sec steep / 150ml of water / multiple brews. If that's too much work or you're just feeling lazy, throw some leaves in a mug and add hot water


Organic Red Oolong Tea*

*organic ingredients

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