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Foods Alive

Angola, IN

Nut Organic Variety Pack (3-Pack)

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Raw almonds.*
Raw Brazil nuts.*
Raw cashews*
*Organic Ingredient

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Almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews are excellent sources of dietary fiber, protein, healthy fatty acids and contain various vitamins and minerals.


Use them to make milk or eat them from the bag as a tasty, crunchy treat that you can enjoy raw or roasted and salted. Add them to trail mixes, or chop and toss them into a salad.


12oz. 3pack

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Contains nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews). Processed in a facility that also processes pecans, walnuts, and peanuts.


Foods Alive

Angola, IN

Foods Alive is a family-company, crafting healthy foods since 1999. Just like you, we strive for the optimal health and well-being of our loved ones, which is why you will find only the highest-quality ingredients in the foods we make. We encourage the intake of omega EFAs through our sprouted crisps, omega oils, and artisan salad dressings. Our cold-pressed oils are loaded with omegas and can be added to foods or taken on their own. We also have an extensive line of superfoods. From our family to yours, may you have health, wealth, and happiness.