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Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, AR

Dark Chocolate + Berry Whole Bean Coffee - Monarch

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Whole bean roasted coffee

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Monarch is our most developed traditional roast. It conveys a flavor profile that we intentionally designed to work well with milk. Cream or plant based beverages mix with ease, creating a rich, decadent flavor. It involves a natural-processed, sugar-dense coffee that binds to the fats and creates multiple complex caramelized notes during the roasting process. Look for dark chocolate and undertones of thick winey berries. Enjoy as drip or espresso. On its own, this coffee naturally tastes of: Dark Chocolate, Sorghum Red Wine, Dried Berries, Thick & Syrupy


Brew this coffee as filter or espresso, and enjoy!


Choice of single unit. Each 10oz box contains around 10 servings (think of each serving as a 12oz mug of coffee)




Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, AR

Years ago, Onyx co-founders Jon and Andrea Allen started telling each other to “Never Settle for Good Enough.” This mentality has developed into a mantra of its own that permeates into everything that Onyx does from coffee competitions to industry-leading transparency and sustainability reports.

We journey to find the finest and most unique coffees in the world. Join our pilgrimage— seeking quality, truth and accountability in coffee.

Fun Fact: Andrea Allen is the 2020-2021 US Barista Champion, and she placed 2nd in the 2021 World Barista Championship!