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One Stripe Chai

One Stripe Chai

Portland, OR

Mint Mahal - Mint Chai Tea Blend

View reviews for Mint Mahal - Mint Chai Tea Blend
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Organic ingredients: Assam black tea (CTC + Orthodox), mint, ginger

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A fresh sprig of mint is often consumed after a heavy meal to help with smoother digestion and freshening breath. We also love to add mint to our chai to provide the same smoothness and to wake us up with its refreshing aroma! This blend features organic peppermint and the perfect balance of orthodox and CTC black tea. The crown jewel of classic chai blends, our mint chai can be enjoyed after a heavy meal or as a refreshing iced beverage anytime! 

As always, our black tea is directly sourced from a small organic and biodynamic farm in Assam, India.


To Brew - Makes one cup

  • Bring a half cup water + a half cup of any milk + 3 tsp of chai blend to a boil
  • Simmer on medium low for 5 minutes
  • Strain and add sweetener as desired
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy!


    A single 80g bag of Mint Mahal Chai




    Made in a facility that processes gluten.

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    One Stripe Chai

    One Stripe Chai

    Portland, OR

    Farah Jesani is Indian and drinking chai is basically in her blood. Her relationship and memories with chai is similar to people in the US have with coffee. That experience of being young and watching all the "adults" drinking this hot beverage religiously, anxiously waiting until she was "old enough" to have a mug of her own.

    Fun Fact: She launched One Stripe Chai in Portland after being disappointed when she ordered chai lattes and found them always being too sweet or incredibly bland. The idea of One Stripe Chai fell into her lap serendipitously, the way most great ideas tend to.