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Kaleidoscope Foods

San Francisco, CA

Fennel with Fuji Apple & Lamb Bone Broth Kale Chips (Pack)

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Snack on our Fennel with Fuji Apples & Lamb Bone Broth Kale Chips to feel Inspired & Abundant.

Grass-fed lamb meets bright and savory herbs for a chip as lovely as it is invigorating. Treat yourself with a snack that uplifts with sumptuous, subtle flair and nourishes like a spring breeze. Sit back & soak up that crunch.

The Grass-Fed Lamb Bone Broth is brewed in-house with nutrient dense bones and is sourced from small-scale holistic ranches in Northern California whose work regenerates the land.

The Springtime lambs, the delicate fennel fronds, the cool crisp bite of an apple, what newness with which this spring blesses us! This kale chip nourishes like an ephemeral spring breeze, sweetly and softly to the core. Kaleidoscope Food lambs are raised at Stemple Creek Farm, a regenerative ranch whose work, like these chips, aims to leave the whole system fundamentally renewed. 

Comes in packs of three, six or twelve 2oz bags

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Allergy Warning"

Contains bone broth and dairy



San Francisco, CA