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Ziba Foods

Chicago, IL

Heirloom Almonds - Shakhurbai (Dry Roasted & Salted) 5.3oz

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Almonds, salt

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An ancient heirloom variety from Afghanistan, Shakhurbai almonds are a good source of protein. They are dry-roasted without oil and lightly dusted with Afghan salt, and are delicious as a snack or made into almond milk, nut butter, or dessert.

Benefits of our heirloom almonds:

·       Easy, quick snack

·       Sweet and nutty flavor

·       More protein than California almonds

·       Only natural almonds and salt, no chemicals


1 bag.




Manufactured in a certified facility dedicated to processing seeds and tree nuts.


Ziba Foods

Chicago, IL

In the 1970s, Afghanistan was a global leader in the production of high-quality dried fruits and nuts. Unfortunately, due to conflict and the unstable economic climate that followed, the country’s farms were unable to invest in the modern technology needed to keep up with global demand. Ziba Foods’ mission is to help re-establish Afghanistan’s position as a world-renowned producer of the highest quality dried fruit and nuts.

We focus on the following:

1. Farmer-direct advance pay | 2. Women’s empowerment | 3. Traceability | 4. Afghanistan's first Organic certification for dried fruits & nuts