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Foods Alive

Vegan Italian Superfood Dressing 8oz (2-Pack)

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When you think of authentic Italian food, you most likely picture it with a savory vinaigrette or some sort of artisan cold-pressed oil. Well, with our Creamy Italian Superfood Dressing, over 40% of each bottle (by volume) contains our very own artisan cold-pressed flax & chia oil.

When the flax oil and chia oil unite with vinegar, savory garlic, and Italian herbs, it creates a mouth-watering sensation, transporting you to the gourmet kitchens of Tuscany. Now everyone, including ornery seniors and finicky kids, can enjoy all the benefits of essential omega oils. Kick back, relax and enjoy the artisan touch of this savory superfood dressing. You will never use another unhealthy salad dressing again!

Product Highlights:

  • Omega-3
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Raw
  • Vegan

Shelf Life is 8 Months (refrigerated)

Store in refrigerator upon receipt

Shake well before using

Freezing extends shelf life

Not for use as a cooking oil

Includes 1, 8oz bottles 

More About Foods Alive:




Flax oil*, filtered water, rice vinegar*, chia oil*, garlic granules*, Himalayan pink salt, onion powder*, Italian herb blend* (parsley*, basil*, marjoram*, oregano*, rosemary*, thyme*, sage*), coconut sugar*, tomato powder*.

*Organic ingredient