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Drink Simple

Sudbury, MA

Original Maple Water - 500 ML (12-Pack)

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Organic Maple Water

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Drink Simple taps refreshment directly from nature for a healthy mind, body and soul.

MOTHER NATURE GOT IT RIGHT: Maple trees pull water from the ground and filter it through their roots. Maple Water has half the sugar of coconut water, and is perfect before, during or after a workout, and The University of Northern Texas found that maple water hydrates at double the speed as regular water. Try it in your favorite recipes like smoothies, overnight oats, coffee, tea and more!

ANTI AGING: A study done by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Tokushima Bunri University showed that the polyphenols and antioxidants present in maple water (that are not found in maple syrup) have an antioxidant and phenolic activity to help with the prevention in aging

BOOSTS ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: A study done by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette showed that people were able to consume more oxygen during exercise after consuming maple water, making it an excellent choice for anyone engaging in extended duration exercise


12 cartons




Drink Simple

Sudbury, MA

As dedicated triathletes, we were continually disappointed by drinks that were either loaded with sugar, faux healthy sweeteners or devoid of taste. After discovering maple water, we were transformed by our first sip and inspired to bottle this ultra-hydrating and delicious water tapped from maple trees. Naturally full of antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics, we are excited to share Drink Simple, a beverage perfected in a tree and not in a factory. It is imbued with a bit of Mother Nature’s magic to empower a healthy mind, body and soul. 

-Kate & Jeff