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Sweetpotato Awesome

Las Vegas, NV

Dill and Garlic Sweetpotato Slices (8 oz pouch)

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Organic sweetpotatoes, organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt, organic dill weed, organic garlic granules.

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These savory freeze dried organic sweetpotato slices are seasoned with sea salt, organic dill and organic garlic. Their size and texture is similar to crackers to go along with having an amazing crunch and flavor! 


They're ready to eat straight out of the pouch. No refrigeration or preparation is required. Eat the Awesome by itself or dip in hummus, guacamole or salsa.


Choice of single unit. Each pouch contains 8 servings (1oz)

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Contains coconut


Sweetpotato Awesome

Las Vegas, NV

Born from an inspirational moment in prayer and a desire to make a superfood that tastes like junk food without artificial preservatives or added sweeteners Sweetpotato Awesome is a variety of freeze dried certified organic sweetpotato slices and fries.

We sell SLICES, not chips. Our slices are cut at a thickness that allows them to be used like a cracker or in the case of Sea Salt, a piece of toast or flat bread. The thickness of the cut, the nature of the sweetpotato as a root vegetable and the freeze dry process yield a product sturdy enough to dip and scoop a variety of foods.