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Mizuba Tea Co.

Portland, OR

Daily Mizuba Matcha

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100% pure shade-grown & stone-ground Japanese tea leaf

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Matcha is the pearl of Japanese green teas. Mizuba matcha comes from the same plant all tea comes from (Camellia sinensis), but is shade-grown for 4 weeks before harvest, and stone-ground into a fine powder from whole "tencha" tea leaves. Mizuba Matcha is a single-region, single-ingredient tea from a small, family firm in Uji, Japan (just outside of Kyoto)

Start by making Matcha part of your daily routine. Essential for anyone looking for a lifestyle centered around wellness, this fresh and delicious tea is perfect for your morning fix or afternoon lull. Matcha is full of beautiful things like Chlorophyll, Catechins, and the amino acid L-theanine!

This matcha is sourced & stone-ground at Mizuba's 100-year old family matcha manufactory, in Uji, Japan. 

 Matcha is a concentrated source of:

  • chlorophyll, an anti-inflammatory and circulatory system aide. 
  • amino acids (like the sweet, stress-reducing L-theanine)
  • Catechins: a super category of anti-cancer antioxidants also found in açai, pomegranates, and blueberries.

Flavor profile: light perfume aromatics of toasted vanilla. Creamy mouthfeel with full, milky notes of freshly churned butter. This matcha is sure to refresh. 

Includes one, 40g tin. (20-30 servings)

More About Mizuba Tea:



Mizuba Tea Co.

Portland, OR

Mizuba is a farm-direct, pure Uji matcha company. They know their matcha manufacturers personally and count them as friends. Mizuba is also counted as an “official Uji Cha Tea Dealer” in America. 

Fun Facts:

A woman-owned company that strives to uphold and maintain true Japanese matcha tradition. Authentically, properly shade-grown and stone-ground by the ishi-usu stone mills.