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Beverly Hills, CA

Collagen Powder (16oz)

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Hydrolyzed bovine collagen, hydrolyzed chicken collagen, avian collagen types I, II, V, X (Tendoguard), fish collagen.

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Flyby's collagen powder is a blend of Types I, II, III, V, and X collagen peptides which offers a more diverse blend of benefits compared to single-type collagen! Ingredients are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine, cage free chickens, eggshell membrane, and wild caught fish. This multi-collage powder is packed full of amino acids to support bone and joint recovery and hair, skin, and nail strength. 

How to Enjoy:

Take one scoop daily, mixed thoroughly into your beverage or meal of choice.

Pack Size:

One 16oz container with about 45 servings. 

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Allergy Warning/Disclaimer:

Contains fish.



Beverly Hills, CA

Flyby is a new kind of supplement company who believe that healthy living doesn’t have to come at the cost of missing out. Using the latest scientific insights, we create smart choices for people looking to make the most of their time, energy and attention.

Fun Fact: Eddie Huai, the founder, worked with a PhD to refine the formula and take it to the next level with a synergistic mix of ingredients. After more than a year of optimization and rigorous testing, Flyby was born to help us feel a little better the morning after.