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Honolulu, HI

Classic Base Muffin + Bread Mix

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'Okina flour blend (oats*, almonds*, buckwheat*, teff*, flaxseeds*), maple sugar*, 'Okina baking powder (cream of tartar, arrowroot*, baking soda), baking soda, salt
*Organic ingredient

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This versatile blend is your creative starting point. Add seasonal fruit, spices, and zest to make the muffins of your choice. Some favorite renditions include lemon poppy seed, blueberry vanilla, and pear pecan. 

This classic base mix is hand-crafted in small batches for optimal freshness. It includes 'Okina's house-milled, nutrient-dense blend gently sweetened with maple sugar. From there, the door is open for you to get creative and play with flavor. 

How to Enjoy:

Add fruit, veggies, applesauce, and choice of milk to baking mix. Whisk, bake, and enjoy!

Pack Size:

One 12oz bag. 

More About 'Okina:


Allergy Warning:

Contains almonds. 



Honolulu, HI

‘Okina is an emerging brand in the regenerative food space that’s crafted a new kind of baking mix — one that’s good for you, good for the planet and tasty too. It starts with a farm fresh foundation — whole ingredients grown organically and regeneratively. Each gluten-free, vegan mix is freshly milled in small batches and delivered directly to you.

Fun Fact: 'Okina is a letter in the Hawaiian alphabet that represents a break between two syllables (like "Hawai'i"). 'Okina, as our name, represents a pause that renews both people and the planet.