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Peak State Coffee

Boulder, CO

BRAIN SUSTAIN Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee (Pack)

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100% Arabic Coffee (Whole Bean)
Organic Extracts of Cordyceps & Lion's Mane

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BRAIN SUSTAIN Light Roast by Peak State. Enjoy notes of citrus and lemon.


Grind, brew, sip, repeat!


Choice of single 12 oz bag or 3-pack. Each bag contains 22 servings (12 oz)

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Peak State Coffee

Boulder, CO

Like Coffee? How about Coffee with Benefits? Enjoy a delicious morning brew that your brain and body will thank you for with stress-reducing, focus-boosting, and immune-supportive mushrooms in your morning cup. Enjoy low acidity, less jitters, and coffee without compromise, all thanks to Peak State's patentable whole bean infusion process.

The Difference is in the Beans! Peak State is the first whole bean craft coffee with benefits so you don't have to sacrifice great taste. Find your Peak State today! Fair trade, organic, regeneratively grown, compostable-packaging, and 1% for the Planet!