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The Most Transparent Food Marketplace.

Our way: Transparent food system. Curated for customers. Protected by standards. 

Why the Name BUBBLE?

When thinking about what to name our company, we started by describing the company we were setting out to build. We are building our own space in the health food system that is transparent — clean ingredients, passionate food makers, sourced responsibly; curated — for customers to easily navigate; yet protected — from the stale influences of the old food a bubble. BUBBLE!


Sorry to Burst Your BUBBLE . . . 

But today's food system is loaded with refined sugars, dyes, gums, and preservatives. A function of mass distribution that loaded our food supply to make it cheaper, and last longer on a shelf in a warehouse or store. Enter the BUBBLE Approval Process — a strict set of standards that all products sold on BUBBLE must adhere to. In our effort to change the conventions of a stale (pun intended) food system, we created BUBBLE so that the very best food makers across the USA could ship fresh, unrefined foods directly to customer's doors. 


The BUBBLE Stamp Of Approval

Each and every product sold on BUBBLE goes through the BUBBLE Approval Process  a rigorous set of standards constructed by top chefs, nutritionists, Eastern and Western practicing doctors in order to gain their BUBBLE Stamp Of Approval. See below for a breakdown of the 4 phases in our BUBBLE Approval Process.

1. Ingredients:

We look at the labels so you don’t have to. Each BUBBLE Approved good is truly clean label. At a high level, BUBLE Approved goods are comprised of whole fruits, grains and vegetables. We do allow products that contain some natural sweeteners such as whole fruit juices, honey, maple or coconut sugar on BUBBLE. However, products that contain refined or artificial sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, gums, artificial dyes, trans fats or hydrogenated oils will not be BUBBLE Approved. ---  For the full roster of what we do and do not allow, check out our Naughty and Nice List.  

    2. Taste-Tested:

    It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! BUBBLE Approved goods are not only good for you, they are also tasted by BUBBLE’s team and community of experts to ensure that they are delicious and the tastiest of its kind. Just because it’s healthy, doesn't mean it has to taste like cardboard ;)

    3. Innovative Category Leaders:

    We look for the game changers — products that are best in class and reflect BUBBLE’s beliefs for transparency and a new food system.

    4. Sourced and Produced Responsibly:

    A thorough background check that each food maker is food safe certified and practicing ethical and sustainable sourcing to create their products is verified.