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‘Matcha’ Finally Gets Its Dictionary Stamp Of Approval
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‘Matcha’ Finally Gets Its Dictionary Stamp Of Approval

Who knew matcha, a ceremonial drink that has existed since the 7th and 10th centuries, has never received full-on dictionary...

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    Who knew matcha, a ceremonial drink that has existed since the 7th and 10th centuries, has never received full-on dictionary credibility?


    Up until recently, matcha never existed as a word on Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. According to Food & Wine, ‘matcha’ along with nine new food and beverage words like halloumi (a Cypriot cheese) and chana (chickpeas/dishes made with legumes) has been added to its online lexicon.


    Perhaps the best part of the definition are the sentence examples that calls to the ‘trendiness’ of matcha in today’s society:  “Walk into a coffee shop or peruse Instagram and you’re sure to have seen a matcha latte.”

    Check out some of our favorite BUBBLE Approved green goodies below!

    1. Matcha Adaptogenic Cycle Support   

    Wellflower MatchaMore than just matcha, Wellflower is designed to support the menstrual phase of the cycle. This herbalist formulated blend of beetroot, raspberry, ashwagandha, shiitake, and tocos can help improve circulation and ease cramping.

    2. Matcha Crush




    Crushed TonicWe've got a crush on this one step k-beauty skincare routine. Crushed Tonic is an ingestible skincare drink mix formulated with collagen, probiotics, biotin, and organic matcha to help replenish your skin and hair. This clinically proven, ready-to-go drink is not only functional but also refreshing!

    3. Matcha Green Tea Gr8nola 

    Gr8nolaA truly gr8 and delish granola where japanese matcha meets its matcha made in heaven with whole grain oats and coconut flakes. We like to keep this in our arsenal for an emergency mid-day snack situation or to top morning smoothie bowls.

    4. Matcha Pumpkin Seed Butter

    Sun For SoulThis matcha nut butter has been stone ground and infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs! This specially formulated butter contains ingredients like White Peony, White Poria, and Licorice root which are said to relieve stress and toxins from your Liver. We love this drizzled on top of fruits or pancakes!

    5. Matcha Latte Bites

    Revol SnaxFinally a healthy version of Laduree Macarons! These coconutty bites are filled with matcha ganache. Pop one... or two after dinner for the perfect healthy dessert bite!

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