Exclusive: Dan Colen’s Sky High Farm Launches Exclusive Squash Salts on BUBBLE

Dan Colen’s Sky High Farm Launches Squash Salts Exclusively on BUBBLE

Sky High Farm enlists Bubble’s help to release their first product as an exclusive to help continue providing sustainably grown, fresh food to New York’s underserved communities.

NEW YORK (February 11, 2019) - Artist Dan Colen and Sky High Farm looked to Bubble, the destination for curated, innovative health and wellness foods, to help them launch a product that will be reflective of the farm’s mission. “Our mission is simple, donate 100% of our sustainably grown organic produce and pasture raised meats to underserved communities,” said artist and farm owner, Dan Colen.

Introducing Sky High Farm’s Squash Salt

Sky High Farm’s first product from the farm is a Winter Squash Salt that promotes a plant rich diet, reflects seasonality, and forwards the mission of Sky High Farm. Harvested at the peak of winter, Sky High Farm Salt combines the flavors of Maine Sea Salt, with dehydrated Waldo Butternut Squash, Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes, and Honey Bear Acorn Squash. “This vegan salt is sort of like a healthy MSG. The natural flavors from the winter squashes are packed into the salt for a perfect umami-sweet-meets-salty finish that’s perfect for elevating basic avocado toasts and proteins,” says Bubble CEO Jessica Young.

Sky High Farm's Winter Squash Salt Blend is exclusively available on getintothebubble.com at $12 for a 1.98-ounce jar.

About Sky High Farm

Sky High Farm is located in upstate New York in the heart of Columbia County, and is owned by artist Dan Colen. The farm is a non-profit dedicated to promoting local agriculture and land preservation by supporting a holistic approach, which is environmentally conscientious, generates minimal waste and allows all produce and livestock to play their natural and critical role in optimizing output and sustainability.

Sky High Farm addresses food access and nutrition through the following activities: Growing and harvesting nutritious produce and meat exclusively for donation; and distributing to the underserved in New York State through partnerships with local, regional and urban food banks and pantries.

Colen initially bought the property in 2011 for the purpose of his studio and new home. The 40 acre land simply felt wasteful to Colen and he knew that he was to pursue a new purpose for the property. After hearing and learning more about food deserts from his fellow friends, he knew that his goal was to make use of the land in a sustainable, community-minded way. Sky High Farm partners with food banks and food pantries in New York State and New York City to distribute their fresh, sustainably grown foods to those in need. To date, the not-for-profit farm has provided over 100,000 fresh meals and counting. All of the profits made in this exclusive product goes directly back into the farm to fuel their food mission.


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