Collection: Uplift Food

Uplift Food is the worlds first dietitian created functional snacking brand focused on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy PRE-biotics! Founded in NYC by one of the leading prebiotic registered dietitians, Uplift Food creates snacks that are not just “better for you” but that are truly GOOD FOR YOU!

Fun Fact: “I have been making the cookies in my kitchen for YEARS! Always sharing them with friends when they come over who would continually demolish them! No-one can believe they are as healthy as they are when they taste so DELICIOUS!” Kara Landau - Dietitian and Founder at Uplift Food

Bubble Goods Approved Standards

We read the label so you don't have to! Everything on Bubble Goods contains no refined/cane sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes, fillers or gums.