Collection: Halo + Cleaver

At Halo + Cleaver, we make slurpable, slatherable, delectable low sugar sauces to take food from fine to finger-licking. Our sauces are action-packed with flavor the way a former chubby guy used to eat, yet health-conscious like only a family man could care about. Sweetened naturally with fruit like apples and pineapples...never sugar or corn syrup.

Fun fact: we use Green Banana Flour (GBF) in our Ketchup that comes from "upcycled" green bananas that otherwise would be thrown away. Not only is GBF good for the planet, it's packed with dietary fiber and starches that make it great for your gut!


Bubble Goods Approved Standards

We read the label so you don't have to! Everything on Bubble Goods contains no refined/cane sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes, fillers or gums.