Collection: Becca's Petites

Becca's holistic nutrition background and desire to nourish a friend undergoing chemotherapy led her to create her line of "Always nutty . . . Never naughty!"® plant-based snacks. Bouchées are free from gluten, grain, dairy, gmos and are certified vegan. So, Morning, Noon, or Night your mouth will smile with every nutty bite!

Fun Facts: 

As the baby of 5, Becca was her mum's little bite, or "petite bouchée"- hence the name for her snack mixes. Although Becca doesn't take herself too seriously, she is serious about feeding your hunger to live well with her line up of deliciously, clean snacks.

Bubble Goods Approved Standards

We read the label so you don't have to! Everything on Bubble Goods contains no refined/cane sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes, fillers or gums.