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Whole Bean Santa Cruz (Single Origin) Coffee

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100% coffee*
*Organic ingredients

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A beautiful coffee from award-winning grower, Pepe Aguilar. This shade-grown coffee from Chiapas, Mexico, is balanced and sweet.


The coffee is roasted and shipped the same day for superior freshness. We ship the whole bean. To prepare, simply grind and brew to taste!

Approx. 16 servings per 12oz. bag

MORE ABOUT Revelator Coffee Company:



Revelator Coffee Company

Atlanta, GA

Revelator is a coffee roaster and café operator with roots in metro markets across the Southeast. While specialty coffee is the origin of their brand, they approach coffee from a broader culinary perspective and draw inspiration from the food and farming traditions of the region.

Fun Fact: Revelator is committed to developing a diverse team and to creating inclusive cafes that support a multitude of voices.