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Threefold Vegetable Powder Blend (Spicy)
Threefold Vegetable Powder Blend (Spicy)

Dr. Cowan's Garden

Threefold Vegetable Powder Blend (Spicy)

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Threefold Spicy merges the Goethean conception of the ideal threefold plant (roots, leaves, fruit); the Asian sense for the marriage of heat, spice and sweet; and innovative ingredients sourced from unique growers. It contains a root (carrot), a rhizome (ginger), a leaf (wasabi) and a fruit (pepper). It has a sweet component in the carrot, spicy components in the ginger and wasabi, and a gentle heat component in the peppers. The wasabi leaves were grown on the only commercial wasabi farm in the U.S. and were stream-grown in a pristine area on the Oregon coast. Wasabi is prized not only for its delicate flavor but also its sulfur-based medicinal properties, which greatly aid in the detoxification processes. The peppers are the popular Jimmy Nardello variety, which combines a gentle heat and the sweet-pepper flavor.  Peppers are also added to help with the nutrient absorption of any food to which they are added. Ginger is a well-known spice also valued for its medicinal properties, especially its ability to reduce inflammation.

Product Highlights:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Paleo

Use the Threefold Blend Powder sprinkled on top of vegetables, infused in Asian inspired cuisine, added to salad dressings and our bone-broth soup in the morning.

Includes one, 4.7oz jar


Carrots*, Ginger*, Wasabi*, Peppers*

*Organic ingredient

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