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Temecula, CA

Cookbook + Pancake & Waffle Mix Gift Pack

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Get The Ultimate Grain Free Cookbook with a 2-pack of the Keto Pancake & Waffle mix!

While healthier choices are growing, simply enjoying plenty of real, whole foods in our everyday diet is the frontier.

America is sick, confused, and addicted to fake foods, but there’s nothing fake in my kitchen. I go beyond paleo and gluten-free and shows you how to live a quick, easy, and delicious real food lifestyle with recipes that combine fat-burning and nutritious ingredients to create both sweet and savory dishes, while maintaining traditional tastes and textures.

When I began experiencing painful, auto-immune symptoms and a little pudge in my belly, I embarked on a path that led to discovering how to make incredible breads, wraps, comfort foods, and desserts unlike any others with ingredients such as nuts, coconut, sweet potato, zucchini, and various other fruits and vegetables as well as alternative, whole food flours.

Filled with beautiful, vibrant photos, this book is also full of healthy and readily available ingredients, and kitchen time is simplified by my creative, everyday use of a blender!

A Few Recipes included:

  • Broccoli Gnocchi with Cheesy Pumpkin Sauce
  • Bacon & Eggplant Carbonara
  • Veggie Wraps
  • Old-Fashioned Pie Crust & Pastry Dough
  • German Chocolate Cake


8 X 10 Hardcover Book


2 Pack = 1 x The Ultimate Grain Free Cookbook + 2 x Keto Pancake & Waffle Mix

4 Pack = 2 x The Ultimate Grain Free Cookbooks + 4 x Keto Pancake & Waffle Mix


"If there’s anything better than eating delicious food, it’s eating delicious food that’s good for you. This book is loaded with some of the most luscious recipes you’ll ever try . . . and every single one is packed with ingredients that will make your body happy and healthy. If you want to lose weight, look younger, take control over autoimmune problems, and regain your energy, these recipes are just what you need!" 

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet and The 10-Day Belly Slimdown

"Annabelle has done a wonderful job of putting together a beautiful cookbook full of grain-free recipes your whole family can enjoy. Her long time dedication to true gluten-free/grain-free recipes, and her entrepreneurial spirit make her a true pioneer for health. This is definitely one cookbook you will want to add to your kitchen library!" 

Dr. Peter Osborne, bestselling author of No Grain No Pain

"If you think grain-free and sugar-free sounds boring, think again! This outstanding collection of inventive recipes makes it easy to transition to a healthy low-sugar, low-grain lifestyle without missing a beat!" ―

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, and bestselling author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth and Living Low Carb



310 pages

ISBN -10: 1-5107-2949-6

ISBN -13: 978-1-5107-2949-0


New York, New York



Temecula, CA

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