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Troy, MI

Chocolate Charm - Teff Granola (10oz Bag)

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Rolled Oats, Coconut, Cashew, Buckwheat, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Teff, Almonds, Cacao, Maca, Salt, Rosemary Extract

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Our farm started growing teff, a high in protein and fiber ancient grain from Ethiopia, in 2015. That's when we realized how few people knew about all the goodness it has! We set out to create a familiar and approachable product that used this tiny grain and came up with a teff granola - we call it Teffola. We're on a mission to create bold and innovative flavors and products that truly celebrate all the goodness that ancient grains provide.

Our new and improved recipe of Chocolate Charm is great for any time of day but we love it for that post dinner snack with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. The lighter flavors of coconut and cashew blend with the always delicious cacao to create a unique tasty snack that’s sure to please everyone in your family. Also peep that maca! We added this Peruvian root powder to create another nutty, carmelly flavor that also helps keep you energized.

Grains and pseudo grains in this flavor include teff, buckwheat and oats. These grains add fiber to keep you full and add layers of flavor to keep you coming back for more!


We love Chocolate Charm with vanilla yogurt and fresh mango but it would also be delicious with ice cream!


1 bag of Teffola




Contains: Almonds, Cashews & Coconut



Troy, MI

Hey there! We're Teffola - a company bold in flavor & brave in character. Our star ingredient, teff, is grown on our 7th generation family farm where we're pivoting from corn and soybeans to alternative grains and seeds. We're celebrating ancient grains for all the goodness they have.

Teffola create layers of flavor from deeply nutritious ingredients like buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil and maple syrup! We keep it real on the Instagram (you must watch the Journey to Whole Foods highlight!) and are truly always down to discuss obscure ingredients. Stay bold & brave, Claire