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Supertea Mixed Case (12-Pack)

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Longevity: Chaga Apple Cinnamon Supertea: Proprietary blend of filtered water, chaga, apples*, cinnamon*, lemon juice*, monk fruit*
Tranquility: Lavender Ashwagandha Supertea: Proprietary blend of filtered water, lavender*, chamomile*, ashwagandha*, lemon juice*, monk fruit*
Revival: Hibiscus Ginger Supertea: Proprietary blend of filtered water, hibiscus*, ginger*, rosehips*, monk fruit*
Energy: Peppermint Green Supertea: Proprietary blend of filtered water, peppermint*, green tea*, lemongrass*, lemon juice*
Liquid Gold: Turmeric Ginger Supertea: Proprietary blend of filtered water, turmeric*, ginger*, lemon juice*, black pepper*, cayenne pepper*
*organic ingredients

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This mixed case is the perfect way to try all 5 flavors of Down to Earth's superteas.


Available in 16 oz glass bottles. Comes in a case of 12:

  • 3 Energy: Peppermint Green Supertea
  • 3 Revival: Hibiscus Ginger Supertea
  • 2 Longevity: Chaga Apple Cinnamon Supertea
  • 2 Tranquility: Lavender Ashwagandha Supertea
  • 2 Liquid Gold: Turmeric Ginger Supertea




Down to Earth

Down to Earth's superteas are rooted in organic, wild-crafted ingredients that nourish, sustain and heal. The flavors and aroma's of Jonathan's family recipes inspired him to build a brand that educates consumers about Earth's incredible healing powers.

Fun Facts: Jonathan casually started brewing and sampling teas in his Manhattan apartment.