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Brooklyn, NY

Strawberry Kombucha (Pack)

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purified water, NY State Grade B maple syrup*, hibiscus*, rooibos tea*, rose hip, rose petal, orange peel, dried apple, safflower, Kombucha culture, strawberry puree*
*organic ingredients

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Mombuha is an authentic, unpasteurized, low-calorie, high-nutrient Kombucha brewed by hand in glass in Brooklyn. Our Strawberry brew is fermented using pure New York State Grade B maple syrup using a tea blend of fruity and citric aromatic floral herbs with an organic strawberry puree added in the secondary fermentation.

How to Enjoy:

4oz in the morning and 4oz in the afternoon and plenty of water. 

Pack Sizes:

1.2 servings per container.

Available in a 3 pack or either 24 pack of 10oz clear glass swing top bottles. 

More About Mombucha:




Brooklyn, NY

Since 2009, Mombucha has been brewing Kombucha using the traditional method taught to them by founder Rich Awn’s mom, Barbara. What started as an homage to Barb’s immune boosting booch, Mombucha explores a sustainable version of a bottled health elixir from antiquity. Mombucha has remained a small, yet potent local business, unique to the Brooklyn landscape.

Fun Fact: Each batch is fermented 1 gallon at a time in glass, brewed, bottled, labeled, and hugged by hand. To learn more about Mombucha, you can watch a short doc here!