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HNINA Gourmet

North Hollywood, CA

Sprouted Nuts in Pure Maple Syrup (8oz)

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Organic certified raw sprouted hazelnuts*, Organic certified raw sprouted almonds*, Organic certified raw sprouted pistachios*, Organic certified pure maple syrup from Vermont*
*organic ingredients

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HNINA tried to recreate the French praline called “chouchou” by sweetening with with a light glaze of organic pure maple syrup. Crunchy, nourishing, delicious and absolutely satiating, this raw sprouted nuts snack is the perfect companion before or after an intense training and hike.

A handful of those raw sprouted nuts will provide you with real food nourishment and nutrients.

You will get protein, vitamins, minerals that are absorbable by your body as the phytic acid that the nuts naturally contain have been neutralized with the sprouting process.

Add to salads, or eat straight out of the bag. Perfect as a post workout treat!


Pack includes one 8oz bag.

All packaging is compostable




Contains nuts and tree nuts.


HNINA Gourmet

North Hollywood, CA

Because of Vanessa's family history of diabetes, she wanted to create nutrient-dense dark chocolate, and so she created HNINA!

Fun Facts:

Vanessa is following the footsteps of her grandmothers, who sprouted their nuts and used dry fruits as their pastry base.