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Soma: 7 Organic Mushrooms + Vitamin C Elixir 2oz

Anima Mundi

Soma: 7 Organic Mushrooms + Vitamin C Elixir 2oz

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(Somm- haa) : Immortality Elixir, Nectar from Heaven, Food of the Gods

A legendary drink for the Gods of ancient India. This drink was known for its power to grant immortality and absolute wisdom. The medicinal properties of this formula are known to protect the immune system and vitality, soothe the lungs, increase endurance, help manage stress, enhance the digestive system, and act as a natural antibiotic. 

*Anima Mundi’s mushroom tonic & elixir are broken cell wall extractions. Meaning that it is simmered at a low and consistent temperature, for a period of 3 days. Then extracted for 2 moon cycles, to finish macerating within their chosen extractors. Anima Mundi uses organic glycerin to particularly extract the rose petals and rose geranium. 

Product Highlights:

  • Adaptogenic Power
  • Immune regulator
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-viral
  • Organic
  • Wildcrafted

Directions: Enjoy 1 tsp 2-3 per day for overall skin-joint-gut health. Add it to your favorite liquid medium (smoothie, juice, tea or water). If drinking with other tonics, recommended before breakfast, to enhance its powerful morning alkalizing properties.

Includes one 2oz Bottle


 Reishi* , Chaga^ , Maitake*, Shiitake*, Lions Mane* , Agaricus* , Cordyceps*, Schizandra Berries, Rose petals^, Rose Geranium*, extracted in 25% organic cane alcohol, organic vegetable glycerin and filtered water. 

*All of the mushrooms are organically grown in Washington State. The Chaga mushroom is wildcrafted within the area.

*Organic / ^ Wildcrafted 

Directions: Drink 1tsp, 2-3x per day (or as needed) to increase immunity. Add into your favorite high fiber juice, tea or soup for optimum effects. 

This formula is excellent for kids too! Use half of the suggested dosage for all children under 12-14 years old. This elixir we recommend to prevent colds and flus. 

Directions: 1-2tsp 2x per day, before meals.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any any disease.