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Sky High Farm

Pine Plains, NY

Sky High Honey (9 oz)

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Raw unfiltered wildflower honey

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Sky High Farm's limited edition honey is back in stock! 

They take it back old school, using traditional practices to produce a no BS, 100% raw, unfiltered, non-pasteurized honey. Their bees forage from the abundant wildflowers surrounding Sky High Farm to produce an authentic taste of the Hudson Valley.  

Sky High Farms raises their bee colonies to reflect the local genetics of their region. By rearing queens on site, they are selecting for resilience and maintaining diversity. Ultimately, their bees also help them accomplish the farm’s mission of feeding those in need by pollinating plants, trees and livestock pastures.

All proceeds from sales go towards supporting Sky High’s mission of improving access to fresh nutritious food for those in need. 


Its floral and sweet taste is perfect drizzled on top of yogurt, blended into smoothies, or right out of the jar.


Comes in 1 9 oz jar. 




Sky High Farm

Pine Plains, NY

Sky High Farm's main initiative is simple: donate 100% of their sustainably grown organic produce and pasture raised meats to underserved communities. To date, they have provided over 100,000 fresh meals. All Sky High Farm product profits go directly back into the farm to fuel their food mission.

Fun Facts:

The land co-exists as artist, Dan Colen's studio.