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Lone Star Botanicals

Tyler, TX

Sage Leaf

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Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Components: Native to the Mediterranean region, this evergreen, mint-family perennial has been a culinary and medicinal staple for over 2,000 years. Overview: This antioxidant-rich herb contains tannins that are astringent and antiseptic, a big help in preventing gingivitis and oral inflammation such as laryngitis. The antioxidant compounds in sage also work to help neutralize free radicals and prevent them from creating oxidative stress in the heart, skin, joints, muscles, and brain. Sage is bursting with vitamin K, which helps develop bone density and ensures the integrity of our bones as we age. In the kitchen, sage pairs well with fatty meats and game.

How to enjoy:

The dried leaves may be used in food, and as a tea.

Pack Sizes:

1, 1/2lb bag

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Tyler, TX