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Belchertown, MA

Nitro Cold Brew Black Coffee (12-Pack)

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Filtered water, coffee

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Quivr nitro coffee is smooth, energizing, and delicious. Notes of sweet spice evolve into deep bittersweet chocolate and roasted nut flavors with a clean lingering finish.

We source our coffee from small family farms and work with partners who are pioneers in socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly farming methods.


It's all about getting 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 cascade.⁣⁣

We use coffee that is of outstanding quality and perfectly-suited to cold extraction. The coffee is cold brewed for 20+ hours, and unique filtration process used gives a rich depth of flavor and a very clean profile. We then infuse it with nitrogen (a gas... teeny tiny bubbles). We have recreated the fresh nitro experience, just like it's been poured from a tap.⁣⁣

In order to get the full Quivr experience you're going to want to do a couple things.⁣⁣

𝟏. Shake Hard: Give the can a vigorous shake. This begins to break the nitrogen out of solution.⁣⁣

𝟐. *Crack slowly to release the pressure and not make a mess. (or do it quickly in slow motion for the gram!)

𝟑. Pour Fast: To complete the nitro process, turn the can fully upside down to pour. The result will be a creamy #cascade, and an unforgettable drinking experience.⁣⁣

Note: If you don't Shake Hard Pour Fast, Quivr will still be delicious, but you'll be missing the best part of a nitro beverage!⁣⁣


12 Can Case

12 oz per can





Belchertown, MA

Quivr is a coffee and tea brand that offers fresh and additive-free products made with real foods. Quivr is family owned and operated by fitness-enthusiasts Ash Crawford and Mukunda Feldman, showcasing a line of natural nitro cold brews, steeped coffee, teas, and body scrubs free of preservatives or unwanted additives.

"We have spent years sourcing and preparing beautiful ingredients from around the world to create products based in real foods without any of the bad stuff. We feel proud to give them to our friends, family and children."