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New York, NY

Natural Energy + Wellness Shot Variety Pack (9-Pack)

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Blood Orange Ginger: water, juice concentrates (blood orange, lime, monk fruit), guarana seed extract, apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan salt, ginger juice.

Blueberry Açaí: water, juice concentrates (blueberry, apple, lime), guarana seed extract, natural flavors, apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan salt.

Raspberry Pomegranate: water, juice concentrates (pomegranate, red raspberry, apple, lemon), guarana seed extract, natural flavors, apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan salt.

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If an energy shot and a wellness shot had a baby, you'd get GO BIG. The incredible energy in GO BIG comes from guarana, a nootropic seed from the Amazon basin. It's combined with superfruits and apple cider vinegar to make the perfect daily booster. 

This variety pack includes three of each flavor: Blood Orange Ginger, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Blueberry Açaí. 


Open, drink, and enjoy. Tastes best chilled. Limit 2 bottles per day, several hours apart. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days.


9 Shots in a Pack, each 2.5oz. 

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Not recommended for children, women who are pregnant or nursing, or people sensitive to caffeine. 



New York, NY

GO BIG is the world's first energy + wellness shot, combining the best attributes of each type of shot into something that is better. In an industry filled with junk-ingredients and focused on (superficial) outcomes, we believe that the journey is what’s most important.

Fun Fact:

Vivi is from Brazil and took guarana growing up to help her study. She later introduced it to Ben who fell in love with its incredible energy. We’re thrilled to bring the magic of guarana to the US.