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Super Shroom Drip (8 oz)
Super Shroom Drip (8 oz)

Laka Living

Super Shroom Drip (8 oz)

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This plant butter oxygenates and detoxifies the body and brain. It can be used to charge cognition, enhance overall fitness, and build king and queen level immunity. A high-potency mushroom macadamia butter for immunity, longevity, and performance. Expect better workouts, better focus, and bigger beauty.

Product Highlights:

Medicinal mushrooms are supportive digestive power and help gently escort toxic crap out of your gastrointestinal tract, imparting a high vibration rich in rosy glow + optimistic thinking.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan

Eat with toast, yogurt, ice cream, coffee/matcha, shakes, pancakes, stir-fry, broths, or by the spoonful!

Includes one 8oz Bottle


Hawaiian macadamias, Chaga mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, Lions Mane Mushroom, Poria Mushroom, Tremella Mushroom, Raw Coconut Crystals, Hawaiian Sea Salt

*All ingredients are organic and or wildcrafted

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