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Kava Kava Root

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Botanical Name: Piper methysticum

Components: A member of the pepper family, this herb is best known for its ability to fight stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a great alternative to coffee.

Overview: In the Pacific Islands, where Kava-Kava is indigenous, locals use this herb to unwind and relax. Although the leaves provide calming effects, the most potent medicine is in the roots. In addition to its relaxing effects on the muscles and nervous system, kava also eases pain in the uterus, making it a helpful combatant against menstrual cramps.

Product Highlights:

  • Reproductive health
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle recovery

How to Enjoy:

The dried root may be used as a tea or powdered and encapsulated.

Pack Sizes:

1, 1/2lb bag

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Kava Kava Root*