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Waukegan, IL

Jollof Fonio Pilaf (6-Pack)

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Fonio, tomato, salt, contains 2% or less of carrot, onion, tamarind, sunflower oil, paprika, spices, annatto seed, garlic, turmeric, baobab leaf powder

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Jollof rice is a rich and savory one-pot party dish made with tomato, onion, bell pepper, and hot chilis, served with braised meat or fish. Each country in West Africa claims their version to be the best, inspiring delicious and fun-filled #jollofwars. Our Jollof blends these iconic flavors with a different West African grain: fonio.


A simple side for any meal; in a grain bowl or salad; use to make fritters; use in veggie, meat, or fish patties; stuffed peppers


6 pack of 7oz pouches

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Contains mustard




Waukegan, IL

Chef Pierre Thiam and Philip Teverow founded Yolele as a way to support farmers in West African villages while opening up the American food market to the unique tastes of their roots.

Fun Fact: Fonio, the grain of Yolele’s products, is considered 'the seed of the universe'.