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Alhambra, CA

Ginger Chai Snack Size Bars (5-Pack)

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Organic dates, roasted cashews, pistachios, organic unsulfured dried apricots, organic ginger, sesame seeds, organic cinnamon, organic coconut oil, organic cardamom, vanilla extract, organic black pepper, organic ground ginger, organic nutmeg, pink himalayan salt, organic cloves.

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A special Limited Edition from Carly's SEEDBAR™. This is the favorite at the local farmers' markets. It's pleasantly spicy and sweet. If you like ginger, this is a special treat! Made with realfresh ginger. A unique blend. A caffeine-free bar that brightens your day. Order now! 


You’ll like this if: You need a healthy snack for your tummy and mind!

SEEDBARS can be left out at room temperature for five days. They are best kept refrigerated to maintain freshness. Keep them cool if left outside. They will last up to 90 days if kept refrigerated. 


5-pack. Each pack contains 5 snacks bars (1.4 oz each).


Contains cashews, pistachios, coconut, and sesame. Made in a facility with nuts.



Alhambra, CA

Carly's SEEDBAR™ is a 100% plant-based snack bar company operating in Alhambra, CA, since 2021. We specialize in fresh, grab n' go bars full of organic, satisfying ingredients.

You'll love our small-batch bars! They meet many dietary needs and do not contain 6 of the top 9 allergens. Our bars contain zero gluten, grain, peanuts, oats, and dairy. They are soft, "not too sweet," and made to order every week.

SEEDBARS can be kept at room temperature for up to five days. Best eaten within 60 days. Shelf-life in the refrigerator is up to 90 days.