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Jali Fruit Co.

Milwaukee, WI

Dried Fruit Variety Pack (6-Pack)

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Party Pineapple: Sun-dried pineapple
Mango Rama: Sun-dried mango
Mr. Jackfruit: Sun-dried jackfruit

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Jali Fruit Co. helps transform food waste into opportunity by working with rural women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Jali's family of fruit is wild-harvested from ancestral trees without added sugars or preservatives. Bold in flavor and packed with vitamins, each bag of Jali fruit is 100% traceable from tree to table through the Jali Find My Farm program that lets you connect with the women who created your bag!

Try all the Jali fruit with this variety pack of sun-dried pineapple, mango, and jackfruit.


Enjoy right out of the bag or sprinkle on yogurt, oatmeal, or granola. Add it to your trail mix or popcorn. Blend it into smoothies or add to your sangria. 


Pack of 6 bags: 2 Sun-Dried Party Pineapple, 2 Sun-Dried Mango Rama, and 2 Sun-Dried Mr. Jackfruit.




Jali Fruit Co.

Milwaukee, WI

Founder, Josh Shefner was designing and building a vehicular bridge in Guatemala when he met with a leading humanitarian engineer who had consulted for the UN. It helped him look at poverty outside of a highly technocratic viewpoint. In his travels, he found lots of fruits going to waste and knew how expensive fruit was in the US.

Fun Fact: Jali is a vertically integrated value chain sourcing from a network of smallholder farmers and upcycling food loss into an opportunity. They cut out the middleman and source all-natural dried fruit made without any sugar or preservatives.