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STAMBA Superfoods

Daily Superfood Capsules

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Consciously sourced, purposefully curated, STAMBA DAILY is a balanced blend of Earth’s most potent superfoods, formulated to protect and rejuvenate inside and out. Beyond filling the gaps in your diet, each capsule contains an advanced, phytoactive superfood blend that can be easily integrated into your lifestyle as the single most advantageous choice you can make to supplement your diet. These superfood, vegan capsules are a powerful alternative to multivitamins aiding wellness concerns from boosting energy to achieving clearer skin. Eat great food and supplement with Earth’s most potent superfoods.

Healthy fats from Cacao and Acai, and piquant Ginger aid in the assimilation of the anti-inflammatory curcuminoids in Turmeric.

Freeze-dried medicinal mushrooms, Chaga, Reishi and Maitake join forces to create powerful antioxidant and immune strengthening combination.

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108 Convenient Vegan Capsules

Serving Suggestion:

Generally, 4 capsules daily are recommended, preferably before a meal or snack. You can also divide your supplementation in two parts: before breakfast or lunch, and before an afternoon snack or dinner. You may find that more than 4 capsules daily work well with your body. STAMBA DAILY is composed solely of wholefoods, therefore there is no risk of taking too much on a given day.

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Customer Reviews

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I really like this supplement.

I bought DAILY last month, my skin looks great but mostly, I feel great. My energy levels seem to have seriously improved the past month too. What I like most about that product is that it’s whole foods powder so it’s just like adding foods to my diet I usually don’t have access to.