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Magic Mix

New York, NY

Craycray Cacao Granola (5.5 oz)

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buckwheat*, walnuts*, pecans*, cacao*, raisins*, cherries*, dates*, cinnamon*, maca*, lucuma*, coconut flakes*, Himalayan sea salt*
*organic ingredients

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Magic Mix was born out of Jil's desire to make healthy living effortless and accessible for people with busy lifestyles. “I don’t like chocolate” Said no one ever! This granola is not just made for breakfast but also for those mid afternoon chocolate cravings or after dinner treats but without the nasty sugar crash. Made with raw cacao (which has 40x the antioxidants of blueberries – say whaaaaat?!) and superfoods maca and lucuma to help balance hormones and prevent a spike in blood sugar.


Over coconut yogurt, mixed with almond mylk, eaten straight of the bag, sprinkled on top of really any kind of sundae or as we do top our acai bowls with it. 


Comes in 1 5.5 oz bag.




  • Made in a facility that handles tree nuts
  • Contains coconut


Magic Mix

New York, NY

Magic Mix was born out of our desire to make healthy living effortless and accessible. When our founder, Jil, was diagnosed with a melasma a decade ago, Jil turned to healthy eating. After 3 months of juicing and eating an organic plant-based diet, her melasma started to dissipate. The results were ‘magical.’

Fun Facts: 

Jil is a certified Health Coach and has an American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) certification.