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Laka Living

Kauai, HI

Chocolate Pearl Drip (8 oz)

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Coconut*, Cashews, Raw Cacao*, Pearl*, MCT oil, MSM*, Hawaiian Sea Salt

*All ingredients are organic and or wildcrafted

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Boost the mood and nourish the joints with this Adaptogenic take on Nutella. This Chocolate Plant Butter contains Pearl Powder, an ancient Chinese beauty food commonly used to open up collagen production and brighten the complexion, and MSM - an underrated source of nourishment for the skeletal system and joints. This Drip is perfect for those suffering from skin indigestion, irregular mood, and joint pain.  

Best way to use: Dunk ripe strawberries in the jar and refrigerate for luxe Chocolate-Pearl covered strawberries in under 10 minutes.

Includes one 8oz Jar

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Allergy Warning:

Contains Cashews and Coconuts


Laka Living

Kauai, HI

LAKA is inspired by the Hawaiian hula goddess Laka, who was known to be destination for energy and healing. She lived amongst the Lehua trees in the forest and used plants and dance as medicine and story.

LAKA is a destination for authentic, elevated wellness and health.