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Apex, NC

Chocolate Bliss Protein and Superfood Mix

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This protein and superfood mix energizes and elevates your mood. Get your daily dose of chocolate with a bunch of healthy natural ingredients. 

How to Enjoy:

Blend into your smoothies and other beverages. Mix into baked goods, sprinkle over yogurt or granola, or add to your favorite meals. 

Pack Size:

Single 8oz pack. Contains about 15 servings (1 tbsp per serving)

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Apex, NC

Growing up, Sumita witnessed many members of her family struggle with diabetes. Conscious of ingredients, Sumita struggled to find a clean source of protein. The available products had added sugar or were overwhelmingly filled with unnecessary ingredients. She set off to create her own and after months of experimentation, Plantnrgy was born, featuring a line of plant-based protein and superfood mixes that help develop a strong immune system, healthy muscles, and boosts everyday energy.⠀⠀

Fun Fact: P-l-a-n-t-n-r-g-y is pronounced as plantenergy.