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Intent Brands

Scottsdale, AZ

Break Free Cucumber Jasmine Afternoon Beverage (Pack)

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INTENT® Break Free : Deionized Water, Organic Clover Honey*, Organic Flavors*, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate*, Organic Ginger Extract*, Organic Schisandra Extract*, Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract*
*organic ingredients

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"A Spa in a Bottle"... Refreshing Cucumber and a touch of Jasmine takes you to where you want to be. Activating adaptogens Ginger, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra Berry blend smoothly with Clover Honey to boost immunity and manage mid-day stress. Have Focus, Endurance and Balance as you power through your afternoon and achieve your full potential. Refreshingly Smooth & Sophisticated. USDA Certified Organic. 


Serve chilled, perfect for a mid-day boost.


Pack of 12 or 24 bottles (12oz each)




Intent Brands

Scottsdale, AZ

INTENT® is a woman-owned company with a product focus to get your body what it needs when it needs it. It's the world's 1st circadian beverages™. As a brand, their focus is supporting equality and inclusion with their non-profit: THE INTENT FOUNDATION. With each sale, 1% goes to this foundation! 

Fun Fact: This is a family affair, lead by Dr. Amy Czyz who's trouble drinking plain water led her to develop beverages that not only taste great, are a clean label, USDA certified organic product line, but Dr. Amy went further to create an "INTENT®", a time of day purpose in developing a 1st of its kind circadian products category.