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Healing Home Foods

Pound Ridge, NY

Baked Lemon Chia Graham Bites

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Almond flour, *maple syrup, *sprouted almonds,*black chia seeds, *maple sugar, *lemon flavor (*sunflower oil, *lemon oil), *lemon peel, Himalayan crystal salt, *aluminum-free baking powder (*grape juice concentrate extract, *corn starch, sodium bicarbonate).

*organic ingredients

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Sweet bites, packed with nutrients. Organic lemon peel is dried and ground in house for fresh lemon flavor. The addition of chia seeds adds protein and extra crunch to this yummy snack.

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Includes one 5oz Bag

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Contains Almond flour

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Healing Home Foods

Pound Ridge, NY

Founded by Shelley Schulz, Healing Home Foods was born from her desire to create healthy snacks after her son was diagnosed with autism and her husband with cancer. This led to Shelley's further exploration into how food can contribute to health.

Fun Fact: Before becoming a mom and launching Healing Home Foods, Shelley spent 10 years working on Wall Street which has helped to drive her own start-up.